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Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters

Fabricated Stainless Steel

Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters are perfect architectural letters for retail or other areas where high-end quality fabrication is an absolute must.

The Process:

Whether your project requires single-directional polished stainless steel or premium titanium coated stainless steel; your fabricated sign will be reproduced to exact specifications. Beginning with your artwork or any standard style, the process uses precision-guided lasers, routers or jigsaws to cut the requested letter, logo or shapes from thin gauge sheets of stainless steel or titanium-coated stainless steel. For most letters, 22-gauge material provides the proper balance of strength and weight, while some larger sign letters require 20-gauge material to provide adequate strength. The letter returns are produced from narrow band material or cut to size based on the desired letter depth and bent to the contour of the laser-cut faces to produce a hollow-backed letter with 90º angle edges that have clean, crisp corners and hand-soldered using a lead-free silver solder.


Fabricated Sign Letters can also be used in combination with buyer supplied neon lights or LEDs to create internally illuminated signage. Common users of these “halo lit” letters with neon and LED lighting include museums, office
complexes, financial institutions and other buildings that require an extremely high-end look for their signage.

LED or Neon Lighting is NOT SUPPLIED or Available from us.

Available in a wide variety of finishes such as brushed, polished or painted, Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters can be produced to your required depth and size. Gold Titanium coating is also available to provide the look of brass at a fraction of the cost..

Custom painted colors are also available using PMS matching or using a manufactures color such as Sherwin Williams, PPG, etc.









Gemini Fabricated Letters

Gemini Fabricated Letters

Gemini Fabricated Letters

Gemini Fabricated Letters

Gemini Fabricated Letters

Gemini Fabricated Letters

Installation Hardware

strap Mount

Strap Mount:

Thin metal straps slightly recessed into back and soldered to return. Stud boss soldered to strap to receive threaded studs. The strap helps strengthen returns of letter. This is the default mounting method for fabricated letters. Not for use with LED lighting systems as shadowing may occur.


side mount

Side Mount:

Stainless "L" bracket with holes and bosses to receive threaded studs is glued to inside return. Due to bracket size, a minimum 6" high and 1" deep letter is required.

shadow free mount

Shadow Free Stud:

Metal stud blocks glued to inside of can. Threaded to receive 10-24 studs. Available on letters up to 12" high. Letters greater than 12" use strap mount placed against face to achieve the same shadow free effect. Smaller letters could also use this mount to receive pads with studs for a flush pad mount.

lexan back mount

Lexan Back:

Lexan backs are laser cut to fit within the inside of the return. This is not a perfect"puzzle" fit–but is close. "L" brackets are glued to the inside return of the can. The lexan is attached to the "L" bracket with stainless flat head screws. 6"-24" high letters use .118" thick lexan. Above 24" use .236" lexan. Lexan is not perfectly flush to back of letter. Holes are drilled through lexan to allow for mounting studs into "L" brackets.

steel back mount Steel Back:

Steel backs are laser cut to fit within the inside of the return. This is not a perfect"puzzle" fit–but is close. "L" brackets are glued to the inside return of the can. The steel is attached to the "L" bracket in 1 of 2 ways: 1. Loose tacked (welded) which is not removable. 2. Holes drilled through steel to allow for pan head screw into "L" bracket. Both methods have holes drilled for mounting studs. Backs are available raw, finished or painted steel.
can mount

Removable Can for LED:

Image shown with optional LEDs. Same rules and construction as lexan back with the exception of the "L" brackets. "L" brackets are held in place with removable pan head screws (not glued). Side screws pass through holes that are drilled into returns. When lighting with LEDs the can must be removable from the lexan. LEDs are attached to inside of lexan back.

Note: Painting inside of can for optimal LED reflectivity is an additional 10%.

bottom mount

Bottom Stud:

Metal "L" bracket glued to inside of face& return. Holes and bosses in bottom/top to receive threaded studs. Due to bracket size a minimum 6" high, 1" deep letter is required. Letters over 12" will require our "Engineered Stud". Rounded letters will require some flattening. Pricing includes a
lexan or steel back.

Engineered Stud:
Metal "L" bracket glued to inside of face & return. Holes and bosses in bottom/ top to receive threaded studs. Letters 12"-24 require a minimum 1.5" depth, letters over 24" will require a minimum 2.5" depth. Backs are also included to provide added structural support. Stud diameter
may also vary per architect specification. Rounded letters will require flattening.


Mounting Methods and Installation Tips

One of the most frequent questions we get is how to install the sign letters.  Most people imagine some form of anchor is attached to the wall onto which the letters are mounted. Fortunately, it's not that complicated. Any tools you need you most likely have at home.

Types of Mounts
We sell a wide variety of sign letter products. Each type of letter has its own mounting requirement. There is no "one-method-fits-all." Some sign letters are hollow in the back and require either a stud or pad mounting to properly install. Other letters are solid material, like the flat cut-out acrylic letters and the flat cut-out aluminum letters. Because these letters are solid material and flat on the back, they can be mounted without hardware.

In general there are 2 mounting method categories to choose from.

Anchor Mounts:

  • Stud Only
  • Combination
  • Combination All
  • Bottom Stud
  • Flush Stud
  • Stud Boss
  • Welded Stud
  • Keyhole Mounts

Installing Sign Letters Using Anchor Mounts

  • You need a long bubble level or better still a laser level.
  • An electric drill and perhaps some masonry drill bits.
  • Something to blow debris from the holes you drill, a turkey baster works well or even the exhaust ports on your drill will often be enough to blow out the debris.
  • Lastly you need enough Silicon Caulk to fill all of the holes you drill.

A mounting pattern, is optional, but it will save you a lot of time and almost guarantee a professionally spaced and aligned installation. You you can order one from us. They are well worth their modest cost!

Adhesive Mounts:

  • Pad Mount
  • Flange Mount
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Direct Adhesion with Silicon Caulk or Construction Adhesive

Installing Sign Letters Using Adhesive Mounts
Instructions apply whether you choose pad mounts, adjustable pad mounts or no mounts at all. For no-mount installations on a flat, dry surface, use small drops of silicon caulk on the back of each sign letter. This type of mount works better indoors.

For double-sided tape (tape provided with the letters or by you) use small drops of silicon caulk between the pieces of double-sided tape to ensure against the tape drying out after a period of time and no longer holding the letters.


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Mounting Pattern for Sign Letters
Patterns come in several forms depending on the manufacturer of your letters. For stud mounted installations, your pattern will be the actual, full-size of your finished sign. All letters, numbers, punctuation, and logos (if ordered) will be clearly drawn and properly spaced on the pattern. Signs that have multiple lines of text will be aligned to your specifications and all of the required stud locations are marked on the pattern.

For pad mounts or other adhesive based installation methods, you can buy a pounce pattern or use the free spacing tape offered with some of our products. The pounce pattern is a full size, fully aligned and spaced pattern. Instead of it being marked with mounting holes, the letters are drawn on the pattern and perforated around their outer edge. Just tape the pattern in place, rub chalk over the holes to leave a chalk outline on the mounting surface. Install your letters, then wash the off chalk. The free spacing tape only provides spacing information on where to place each sign letter in relation to the one preceding it. Vertical and horizontal alignment will be up to you.


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