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Molded Plastic Letters/ Numbers
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Mirror Acrylic
Cut Metal Letters/Numbers
Solid Aluminum
Solid Naval Brass
Solid Commercial Bronze
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Solid Stainless Steel
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Cast Metal Letters/Numbers
Gemini Cast Aluminum
Gemini Cast Bronze
Wooden Letters/Numbers
Outdoor MDO Plywood
Indoor Baltic Birch
Fabricated Stainless Steel (LED)
Fabricated Reverse Channel
Changeable Letter Panels
Gemini Pronto Panels
Plastic and Metal Symbols
Plastic Symbols
Metal Symbols
Sales Agreement and Return Policy

We will not guarantee shipping times other than to place any order with expedited or ground shipping per the customers request. Once shipped, we have no control over the transit, are not responsible for delays due to weather or any other factors. We can only tell you when it "should" arrive based on UPS published schedules. If you schedule installers based on perceived shipping arrival times it is at your risk. Things happen.


All lettering products are made to order. Due to the extraordinary amount of variations available on any given set of sign letters, the sign industry as a whole does not stock sign letters or numbers. We only sell professional grade sign letters, numbers and logos. These are the same quality as those you would get from your local sign company.

Sales Agreement and Return Policy


It is hereby agreed and understood that Montana Lettering Inc., is not a sign company and does not provide paid services for design or installation of sign products. All artwork provided by us to a customer for the purpose of dimensioning a set of letters, numbers, logos or other dimensional objects, are provided free of charge and without specific warrantee as to their correctness. The foregoing statement is true for both our website design software and any in-house help provided.

While we strive to produce accurate dimensioning to assist the customer in determining a given size for a set of letters, numbers or logos, any artwork produced in that endeavor shall be considered approximate but not absolute. We are working from your measurements and do not have the benefit of measuring the sign area ourselves such as a local sign company would do.

The definition of a sign company is a business organization that will come to your location, take measurements, produce a detailed quote based on those dimensions, provide suggestions for style and color, hardware and offsets, obtain permits, produce or purchase signage from sign manufacturers, then install at your location.

The definition of a sign letter manufacturer and distributor is to manufacture or distribute letters, numbers, logos and other dimensional products that would be used by sign companies and sign professionals for the purpose of creating signage for their customers.

Non-professionals that are purchasing sign letters for their own personal use and installation are in fact acting as their own sign company and shall conduct themselves as such.



Cancellations / Changes ......PHONE ONLY...... 888-574-0002


All orders placed either through the website or over the phone are considered final once the credit card has been charged. All products are made to order. There are no "off the shelf" products and subsequently it is not a matter of placing cancelled orders into stock. Unwanted product is recycled at a loss to everyone.

Cancellations during the production time will be allowed IF the order has not gone into production at the factory. This could happen within hours or days of you placing the order. If work has not begun on the order which in the first 24 hours is usually, but not always the case, we allow full cancellation and refund of funds, otherwise you are responsible to pay for the order no matter what stage of completion.



Montana Lettering Inc. shall produce or supply letters, numbers and other dimensional sign products to a customer’s specification. We agree to replace any product found to have manufacturing defects or that are not supplied to the customers order specifications. We further agree to replace any product damaged in shipping.


If exact colors, hue’s or finishes are important to you, we strongly recommend that you purchase a sample of the item before purchasing a full set of product. Our website colors are not exact and will display different colors on different monitors. Seller and purchaser agree that colors and finishes supplied will approximate those shown and ordered, but may have slight variations across batches. This is especially true of Anodized and Oxidized finishes that are a chemical process dependent on immersion time to reach a particular shade. Rusting steel never comes pre-rusted. These finishes require time to rust naturally.


It is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser to determine that a set of letters, numbers, logos or other dimensional sign product will fit in the space they intend to install them. Both our online and offline sizing calculations are pretty accurate, but for the purposes of this agreement it is understood by all the parties hereto that Montana Lettering Inc. are not responsible for product that has been ordered with incorrect sizing for a given space. Any assistance we give either through our website design software or through direct contact with the customer should be considered approximate and the customer should allow room for any variation of actual product when they are creating their design.


All products carry a lifetime manufacturer's warrantee against Fading, Cracking and Chipping for the lifetime of the sign when professionally installed in the same original location. For those customers that are not sign professionals and who will be self installing, replacement warrantee for cracked or chipped products will be taken on a per case basis. Incorrectly installed product can break, crack or chip in service due to expansion and contraction where these factors were not taken into consideration. Please review the installation instructions and video's on this website if you will be self installing.


Specifically, seller and manufacturer disclaim any warranty of merchantability, or of fitness of a particular purpose and manufacturer/sellers only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be responsible for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use or the inability to use the product purchased.

Before purchasing, purchaser shall determine the suitability of the product for his or her intended use and purchaser assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. The foregoing may not be altered except by an agreement signed by officers of both the seller and the manufacturer.



The replacement warrantee excludes all costs for removal, reinstallation, repair of the mounting surface or any subsequent work done thereto. Please check all orders are complete and without defect before installation. All warrantees’ are voided if a product intended for interior use is used outdoors or if the product has been altered in any way to mount the product to a surface. For instance, driving nails or screws through the face or edges or using any other non-standard mounting method, will void the warrantee. The warrantee does not cover vandalism, natural disasters, and accidental damage during or after installation, acts of god, war or civil unrest.


All products on this website that are installed by non sign professionals are installed entirely at your own risk. Both seller and manufacturer disclaim any liability in connection with the installation or the failure of the product to remain in place thereafter, injury to self or third parties, for any reason.


NO RETURN VALUE AFTER 30 DAYS: Return value for credit towards another product of similar or greater value is 50% of the net value of the original order up to a maximum credit amount of $500.00 per order. Where the return is made against a product of lesser value, we reserve the right to reduce the percentage of return value to a lower amount in proportion to the new purchase. The return value can never be more than the replacement product value. All products authorized for return must be properly packaged, never installed and not scratched or damaged in any way. Return shipping is at your expense. CALL FOR RMA

Return values are calculated on the base price of the product excluding options such as mounting hardware and patterns. Shipping costs incurred by the seller under our free shipping policy are also deducted from the return value.


NO RETURN VALUE AFTER 30 DAYS: Return value for refund is 30% of the net value of the original order up to a maximum refundable amount of $500.00 per order.All returns must be authorized. All products authorized for return must be properly packaged, never installed and not scratched or damaged in any way. Return shipping is at your expense. CALL FOR RMA

Return values are calculated on the base price of the product excluding options such as mounting hardware and patterns. Shipping costs incurred by the seller under our free shipping policy are also deducted from the return value.



We will not authorize returns or credits on product that was delayed in shipping or for product that has exceeded our approximate quoted production times. Most times the production of a given product will ship on or before the quoted time but it is not guaranteed. Some times the product will ship much earlier than specified, other times a product requires more time than quoted for a given order. THINGS HAPPEN!

The rule of thumb here is that if you need a product to arrive by a given date, don't rely on the quoted time. Call us and we can check with the factory and add "MUST SHIP" dates manually to the order. If your required date is not possible we can give you a real date to work with so that you can look elsewhere if need be. Bear in mind also that we do not control the shipping company who may also drop the ball. On some products we can expedite production of an order for a rush fee.

Do not schedule installers based on any perceived production time or arrival dates.


When an order is placed via our website, an automatic order confirmation is sent to the email address provided during the order process. It is entirely your responsibility to look for that email and if not received, after checking that your email provider has not redirected it to your junk or spam folder, contact us by phone. If you do find it in your junk email folder, please move it to your inbox as this will allow subsequent emails to go through to your inbox. For you're protection, all orders are checked manually for errors and issues that may affect either the production of the product, or your ability to install the letters in the field. Any issues will be brought to your attention via email. If no issues are found, you're card will be charged and a second email with your confirmation order number will be sent to you within a few hours (except weekends & holidays). This is why it is important for you to check your email and establish that we have communication open. Rest assured, you will never receive unsolicited email from us unless it pertains directly to an order you have placed.


All signs need cleaning from time to time. As with automotive care, use a mild dish washing detergent with a soft cloth or non abrasive sponge. NEVER use solvents to clean any letters unless we instruct you to. Many letters have clear coat preservatives that will be damaged if solvents are used. Not maintaining the product during service can lead to finish failure, just as with your vehicle.




shipping rules