How to install Acrylic Letters with double face tape.

Used on Flat, Dry, Smooth Interior Surface. Double Faced VHB Tape applied to acrylic alphabet letter backs.

double face tape on acrylic letters

Tools Required: Stencil or Split Stencil Guide, level, masking tape, tape measure, cleaning cloth, optional adhesive such as silicon caulk, liquid nails or epoxy

Double sided tape should only be applied to letters up to 24" in height. If using this option then always use a liquid silicon caulk as well to protect the letters in case the tape should fail

Clean the mounting surface

1. CLEAN Mounting Surface

Clean and prepare mounting surface before starting your install.

Tip: Surface should be flat, clean and free of excess dust or moisture.

stencil pattern on wall

There are 3 different types of install patterns possible. Spacing Guide for plain or pad mounted letters, Stencil for smaller letters up to 6" and split stencil for larger letters and logos.

The factory will determine and send the appropriate guide needed, if ordered with the letters

split stencil pattern on wall

2. (OPTIONAL) POSITION and Secure Guide

Position guide flat on wall. Center & Level copy, then secure with masking tape.

A Spacing or Stencil Guide are recommended to properly install flat letters. Layout, level and securely tape your guide flat to mounting surface. Check spelling, spacing and kerning of letters on guide.

Spacing tape for letter mounting
Stencil pattern for letter mounting
Split stencil for larger letter mounting
Expose the double face tape adhesive

3.INSTALL Letters Using Guide

Remove masking from VHB tape and install letters on wall, using your guide. Do NOT press hard on letters yet. Lightly set letters on wall, then stand back and make sure letters are visually straight - adjust as needed.

Note: Larger & heavier flat acrylic may require VHB tape and adhesive, to safely install. Use an adhesive, such as Epoxy, that will bond with the acrylic & mounting surface.

Set letters on wall using firm hand pressure

4.PRESS Letters to Set

After letters are aligned straight, apply additional pressure to the face of each separate letter. VHB tape requires pressure to properly set. Press letters hard with fingers, roller or flat board to fully set the VHB tape.

Remove Stencil Guide after letters are set and store in a safe location in case you want to move the letters at a later date.

We recommend 25psi min. pressure to set tape (firm hand pressure)

remove face masking

5. REMOVE Face Masking.

Once letters are secured, carefully peel off protective letter face masking. Clean off letter faces as needed.

Tip: Some face masking is almost invisible leading some to believe the letters were cut backward. Pick gently at a corner with your fingernail to begin peeling the mask.