How to install bracket or wire mounts on formed plastic letters.

Used on flat even mounting surfaces.

Tools Required: Spacing Guide, level, masking tape, tape measure, screw driver, cleaning cloth, adhesive.

A bracket mounted formed plastic letterBracket Mount A wire mounted formed plastic letterWire Mount

For wire and plastic bracket mounts, some assembly may be required prior to installing

cleaning the wall surface

1. Clean the mounting surface

Clean and prepare mounting surface before starting your install.

secure mounting pattern to wall

2. Position & Secure spacing guide

A Spacing Guide or Pounce Pattern are recommended to properly install pad mounted letters. Layout, level and securely tape your guide flat to mounting surface. Check spelling, spacing and kerning of letters on guide.

img of bracket mount

3. ALIGN letters

Align letters above spacing guide. Secure straight with tape to mounting surface - or physically hold if possible. Install one letter at a time.

another image of bracket mount

4. DRILL holes for plastic anchors if needed or use screws directly to mount

Based on mounting surface, and need for any anchors, either drill holes for anchors (drilling through plastic or wire bracket holes), or attach letters to wall by placing screw through bracket hole, then into wall. Caution: Use care to not over-tighten plastic bracket. Final tightening should be with a hand held screw driver.