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Very easily! Every product type we sell has its own configuration page that will allow you to type in what you want and select various options and give you a price as you work. Actually it does more than that because it will not only price it for you but it will also allow you to size it correctly to fit your space! There are easy to follow STEPS where you type in the letters, words or phrases you want and then select options such as letter sizes, font, colors and mounting options AND it will constantly update the display area with not only a visual image of your selections but also a real world measurement to keep your sign withing your limitations! Simply choose the product you want to have, go to its ordering page and start entering data! Its fun, intuitive and easy to use.

Image shows our online design tool for sign letter configuring

No matter what type of letter you order from us, you will need to mount them to a surface. Usually this will require glue of one type or another whether it be the sticky back of double side tape, a liquid such as silicon or epoxy, or even a combination of these things. Screws through the face of letters went out of favor years ago and are now only found in packaged, store bought, numbers for screwing to your door. Mounting letters is well within the skill of the average person and most do not require the services of a sign company. Some basic planning and research will go a long way to a succesful installation:

Types of Mounts

When we talk about studs, these are not the studs in your wall. They are lengths of all threaded rod that either screw into the back of a letter directly with tapped holes or will screw into threaded fixed mounting blocks in the back of the letter. Even though they require holes to be drilled in your mounting surface, they are when used with a mounting pattern the easiest and least messy way to install permanent letters both outside or inside.

factory supplied stud pattern

Above is a factory supplied and fully marked out install pattern for stud, combo and combo all type letters. Marking out the stud locations at the factory is actually done in the same way as described above so you are paying for them to do what you could do. For small patterns with a small amount of letters the savings are negligable and should be ordered from the factory but when you have a lot of letters the price gets really high and a do it yourself plot is much cheaper. As a rule of thumb, sign companies do not usually order a mounting pattern, preferring to make their own.
Price = $3.25 per letter with no minimum

factory supplied pounce pattern

Used for plain, double face tape and pad only surface type mounts. Each letter has been pounced(perforated) around its outline. Place on wall and either rub chalk through or use to mark through to wall with pencil dots.
Price = $3.25 per letter with no minimum

Most of our cut products in either plastic or metal can be cut at no extra charge using your font or custom illustrator artwork. Cast and molded products can also be made in your font or artwork but there will be more cost involved due to making the molds. Injection molded plastics cannot be made in anything other than the styles we already offer. Custom fonts for cut products will cost the same as for any listed font as long as it is not excessively ornate or stretched out where the letters are much wider than their height.

For anything other than letters, numbers or punctuation, we will need to see your vector illustrator artwork to price it and to determine if it is producible in the way you want it or the product you want it made in. Please send artwork to along with details including size and product to be made from color, finish and other pertinent information.

The entire sign industry is made to order and carries no stock which is why you cannot go to a store to browse and buy. Sign letters are very diverse in size, color, type and content. The chances are that your sign is unique to that of signs around you and that is by design what sets a sign apart and causes them to have to be made to order. Even when you have a sign and need to buy a replacement letter its not a simple undertaking to match what you have, either in color or type or even the font used. Many sign letters are painted and you think oh its blue or its green, but there are many hues of those 2 colors so even getting a color chip or two is not likely to help.

We can paint your letters in any color you desire, just give us a color number via PMS(pantone) or Sherwin Williams name and color and we can do that. You want to match your companies official logo colors? no problem. Will we do that and send you a free sample, unfortunately the answer is no. Every order requires production which involves labor and materials and time to produce and cost to ship. It is simply not a matter of picking from a shelf, or sending you a reject or a piece of material scrap. That only works with mass produced products and unfortunately until everyone is ready to install the same type and size and color of letters as everyone else, that is never going to happen in such a small industry.

No matter where you go online, no matter what company, the production and shipping times are going to be very similar because the fact is there are only 1 or 2 actual manufacturers in the entire industry. Almost everything in the industry is made to order and custom. Nothing is off the shelf, not even a sample.

Generally the production times cannot be decreased with extra payment but the factory will try(not guarantee) to meet reasonable deadlines if previously specified and arranged. They will however require you to expedite shipping and that could get very expensive for you. Shipping can be expedited on any order but again it may get expensive and we cannot estimate what that cost will be until the order is ready to ship.

PRODUCTION TIMES: (mouse over to link to ordering page)

Product Type
Production Time
Shipped From
1-2 Business days
Ships from Iowa
3-4 Business days.
Ships from closest location to you (MN, TX, VA)
3-5 Business days
Ships from closest location to you (IA,TX, VA, NV)
5-7 Business days
Ships from Iowa
3-5 Business days
Ships from Iowa
7 Business days
Ships from Iowa
3-5 Business days
Ships from Iowa
All Cut Metal Letters
10-12 Business days
Ships from closest location to you (MN,IA,TX, VA, NV)
All Cast Metal Letters
10-12 Business days
Ships from closest location to you (IA & TX)
Fabricated Metal Letters
10-18 Business days
Ships from Texas


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