Indoor Display Letters for Reception and Waiting Areas

Metal Faced Acrylic

Featuring real metal securely laminated to an acrylic substrate, metal face acrylic letters, numbers and logos provide an affordable solution for businesses that require the look of metal signage at a price that won't break the budget. Since we first introduced the product, Metal face acrylic lettering has been the most popular solution to the high cost of solid metal letters.

19 different metal choices! variations

GemLeaf Display Letters

Unlike Metal faced acrylic, Gemleaf utilizes microns thick face finishes that are similar to gold leaf. This allows us to cut the material with precision lasers and produce letters as small as 1" tall. GemLeaf features metal, wood and even marble finishes that look just like their solid counterparts.Ideal for exhibits and retail displays to lobby reception areas.

Logos and Letters

Foam Backed letters

Foam backed display letters can be made with either a decorative metal or wood face finish or they can have an acrylic face which can also be painted. The choice is yours with our variation option on the ordering form above. Foam laminates are an indoor only sign letter that can be ordered up to 3 full inches deep!

Super Deep Face Varies

Laser Cut Acrylic letters

Acrylic cut letters are the low cost, all weather workhorse of sign lettering. Acrylic, also known as "Plex" comes in many pigmented colors which because of their super glossy appearance can look too much like plastic. Acrylic letters and numbers are excellent for painting and also come in different paint sheens like semi gloss, satin and matte. Acrylic office signs, provide a cost-effective solution with various aesthetic options to suit your needs.

Low Cost!

Mini Metal Letters

Premium small metal letters and numbers are available in sizes as small as 1/2" tall. These are premium letters made with exacting precision on CNC mill, finished by hand and available in several finishes from brushed to polished. Mini metal letters are ideal for desks, doors and anywhere that you need small precision made letters. Offered in Aluminum, Brass and Bronze.

High End !

Luxe™ Machined Acrylic with Lighting

The Glow of Sophistication. Achieve a distinctive, sophisticated look with our line of precision-machined acrylic letters. These letters are low-profile with seamless design which, when illuminated, creates a diffused, high-end effect. Available with a variety of face, side and halo lit options, precision machined acrylic will light up your office.

LED Included