Sizes from 16 inch to 60 inch

How are Channel Letters Made?

Fabricated Aluminum Channel Letters are manufactured from 5052 Aluminum sheet. The process begins with the letter face(your chosen font) which is waterjet cut from .090(3/32") gauge Aluminum to the size you specify on the order. To create the edge return we use 1/16" bands of the chosen order depth which is seamlessly Mig-Welded around the letter face to form what is termed a "can". A letter back(lens) is cut from either clear or frosted lexan sheet to which we apply the LED modules with double face tape so they face into the "can". The back assembly is then secured to the can assembly using "L" brackets and pan head screws that are removable to allow servicing of the LED and wires. Low voltage 12v wire pairs known as pigtails are routed through a hole in the backplate and connected in series letter to letter and then to a power module wired to your 110v supply.

Installation (Reference Exploded view bottom of page)

The brackets holding the back assembly to the can is equipped with a threaded boss that accepts threaded 3" to 6" stainless steel studs to be screwed in. For halo lighted letters, the recommended wall standoff to allow for the halo effect needs to be 1.5" and a spacer is slipped over each stud during installation. Holes are drilled into the mounting surface using the provided drilling template into which the studs with back assembly are set using epoxy or liquid nails. The "cans" or faces are then slipped over the brackets and secured with the pan head screws into the internal brackets.

For Channel Letters smaller than 16 inch please visit Halo Lit Stainless Steel Channel Letters


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Mounting Studs, Installation Pattern and Power Packs are included with every order

Definitions and Ordering Help


  • Bright White 6000K is a very bright white. This is best used outdoors
  • Warm White 3000K is best to use indoors where a bright white might overpower the wall
  • Colors Red, Blue & Green when used on face lighted letters correspond to the color of the lens(face) ordered. A red or orange face needs red LED, green for green and blue for blue. White can be used for white or yellow face lenses.

Size, Depth & Finish

  • The larger the size, the more depth is available. For smaller than 16" choose Stainless Steel halo or face lit from the menu.
  • Pricing is determined by Size, Depth and Finish
  • Minimum size is 6". Sizes over 36" Email for quote with details on font, size, finish
  • Anodized Aluminum may be available depending on size. Email for quote

Lexan Backs

  • It is best not to mount lighted letters to high gloss or mirror finished backgrounds. If doing so the select frosted lexan for the backs which will diffuse the light and prevent it bouncing back. If you mount clear lexan backs to mirror finishes the halo effect will be nullified and the mirror background finish will show all the backs of the letters including studs, spacers, LED modules and wiring. This is not a good effect.


  • "NO LED" means you will get letters that are LED Ready without any LED modules, power packs or wires. This option is for those that want to supply their own LED modules and wiring and purchase letters that are ready for LED. For halo lighting, the LED modules are affixed to the lexan back with the LED facing into the back of the letter. The inside of the letter is painted gloss white at the factory and will reflect the light back through the lexan back to provide a halo effect.

    On face lighted letters you will mount your LED modules to the inside back plate of the can so that the LED module is facing the colored acrylic face.


  • Power pack(s)s are supplied to power the LED modules. They are hardwired units not plug-in. If you don't need LED then you should consider the non-lighted, cheaper version found here.
  • "Without LED" means you will get letters that are LED Ready without any LED modules or wires. This is for those that want to supply their own LED modules and wiring.

Mounting Hardware

  • Backlit LED lighted signage letters come with stud mounting hardware for 1.5" wall standoff. This is the optimum distance from the wall to create the halo effect. These LED lit sign letters cannot be free standing or rail mounted. The optimum background color will be dark and not glossy.

Our fabricated aluminum is handcrafted from premium alloy 5052, with a robust .090” (2.3mm) face and .063” (1.5mm) returns that are precision MIG welded. Available painted or brushed and made to your specifications providing rugged larger letters and logos for less cost. LED included comes with all required power packs, lux tested for optimal halo effects, internally wired ready for your electrician. Full install instructions and wiring diagrams included, UL approved and factory warranted for 5 years on the LED. Typical 10 to 15 day production time



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