1/2 inch to 2 inch tall in Aluminum, Brass or Bronze

Selection of metal mini letters
Brushed Aluminum Letter S
Half inch tall brushed aluminum letters
Bea Mini Brass Brushed with lowercase
Painted aluminum letter
Bronze mini letter in patina verde finish
Polished Alumium Letter
A tiny brushed aluminum letter S that fits on a finger tip
A custom star shaped object in mini metal
Script letters as small as a quarter
mini metal wall of fame
Mini brass on door
mini metal aluminum letter S
mini metal aluminum letter S
letters exile in half inch tall aluminum
mini metal aluminum letter S
mini metal aluminum letter S
mini metal aluminum letter S
mini metal aluminum letter S
mini metal aluminum letter S
mini metal aluminum letter S
mini metal aluminum letter S
mini metal aluminum letter S
Mini brass on door

Premium Small Metal Letters from 1/2 inch to 2 inch in Aluminum, Brass, and Bronze

Small metal letters for crafts or signs

Mini metal letters and numbers are made using high precision lasers and CNC mills on solid sheets of aluminum, bronze, or brass. These small metal letterings are less than 3 inches tall and are perfect for when tiny letters are needed for signs or crafting.

Small metal numbers

Our small metal numbers and letters offer a versatile and stylish solution for a variety of signage and craft projects. With the ability to customize the font, size, thickness, material, and finish, these tiny metal numbers and alphabet letters provide endless possibilities for personalization.

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Installation Patterns and mounting hardware are included FREE with every order


Products usually ship in 10 working days

Products ship from either Minnesota, Virginia, Nevada or Texas whichever is closest to your location

1/2-Inch, 1-Inch, to 2-Inch Metal Letters in Aluminum, Brass, and Bronze

Starting at just 1/2" high, these mini metal letters are made with a high level of precision on computer controlled milling machines that can cut metal alphabet letters to micro tolerances. The edges of these letters are machine polished as they are milled giving absolutely stunning results! Metal mini letters can be made from aluminum, brass, or bronze up to 1/4" thick and 2" tall. Craft your unique sign with small metal initials, ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch and 2 inches, allowing you to customize your project with precision and style. When you demand the best in mini dimensional letters and numbers, we deliver.


Our metal letters are guaranteed for life

Small metal letters have things that must be considered

Minimum Letter Serif

welded stud option

030” All Gauges Serifs must be at least this large to produce. Serif fonts are the hardest to produce and will be turned down for production if these limits are exceeded.

Minimum Letter Stroke

removable stud option

080” All Gauges” Thinnest area must be at least this large to produce. Thin letter strokes may have to be beefed up which may produce unintended results. Best to stick with meaty fonts.

Minimum Letter Openings

edge mount option

.075” All Gauges .075” Reverse Cut Text Openings/gaps must be at least this large to produce. Letters with tight openings or scripty scrolls may not be suitable for production. Keep it plain and open.

Mounting Hardware

edge mount option

Some areas must be at least this large to fit mounting hardware. Tape needs a square area to fit because it is in strips. 1/8” material cannot be drilled & tapped, it would need welding if studs are requested. 3/16” and 1/4” material can be drilled & tapped.

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