Gemlite™ Lighted Formed Plastic Letters

exploded view of a formed plastic showing studs

Gemlite or Lit Formed Plastic are a 2 part plastic letter based on the popular formed plastic product produced for over 60 years. A molded plastic face fits over a molded plastic back that contain the LED modules. Traditionally this was a stepped return which partially revealed the white plastic back but we have recently introduced a full depth face that hides the back entirely. Gemlite is made in 5 different variants to suit different requirements. The material used for the face and back is a cotton based plastic known as CAB(Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) which is a durable plastic that remains flexible in all environments.

Lit formed plastic letters and logos are entirely produced in the USA and carry a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. LEDs on the other hand will not last forever. Most systems are designed to last approximately 50,000 hours, or around five years. After the LEDs fade or burn out, they will have to be replaced. Power supplies and LED modules ar UL Certified and carry a 5 year warranty.

The mount includes threaded blocks solvent-bonded to the letter back to receive a 10-24 threaded aluminum stud. Silicone adhesive should be applied to the studs and into the drilled holes at installation.A full size install pattern is included.

Gemlite Formed Plastic letters and logos are available in five variations.

Face & Edge Lighted G-100
image of a formed plastic letter variation G100
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Made with transparent pigmented plastic, formed plastic face and side lit G-100 letters offer the best of both face and side lighting visibility. These letters come in two return options and flat, round, or prismatic font faces for a refined appearance.

Halo Back Lighted G-200
image of a formed plastic letter variation G200
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Formed plastic halo lit letters (G-200) provide UL-certified LED lighting to create a desirable glow around the letter back to create halo lighting. Formed plastic halo lit letters are made with durable plastic and come in four thicknesses.

Face Lighted G-300
image of a formed plastic letter variation G300
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Formed plastic face lit G-300 letters and logos include transparent plastic letter faces. The transparent plastic face allows for our colored LED lighting to illuminate the letters day or night.With painted return options, G-300 letters can be made in custom fonts

Edge Lighted G-400
image of a formed plastic letter variation G400
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Formed plastic side lit G-400 letters feature translucent plastic letter faces designed for LED lighting. Available in several face colors, our formed plastic side lit letters allow for painted letter faces with translucent returns.

Faux Neon G-500
image of a formed plastic letter variation G500
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Faux neon signs replicate the look of vintage neon with rounded letters, thin strokes, and lights that will not flicker like traditional neon signs. Our plastic faux neon signs come with flat returns and create the classic look of neon.

Definitions and Ordering Help

picture of 3 bulb led module


  • Bright White 6000K is a very bright white. This is best used outdoors
  • Warm White 3000K is best to use indoors where a bright white might overpower the wall. Bear in mind that this option will produce an off white, almost ivory light.
  • Colors Red, Blue & Green when used on face lighted letters correspond to the color of the lens(face) ordered. A red or orange face needs red LED, green for green and blue for blue. White can be used for white or yellow face lenses.
  • High-efficiency, ultra-bright LED lighting
    Versatile LEDs offer high performance, consistent brightness, long life and energy efficiency.
    • Linear, 3 pcs 2835 SMD LED
    • 1.77" x 0.43" x 0.378" (45mm x 11mm x 9.6mm)
    • 160° beam angle
    • 12Vdc, 0.48W, single chip 9V/30mA beads
    • Constant current LED with low attenuation and long life
    • Maximum cascading quantity – single-ended up to 50 pcs.
    – double-ended up to 100 pcs.
    • Equipped with integrated optical device
    • Can be cut between every unit
    • UL , CE, RoHS compliant
    • Halo and face backlighting
    • Channel letters
    • Light box depth: 1.5" to 15.75" (4~40cm) bottom-lit
picture of 3 bulb led module picture of 3 bulb led module
picture of 3 bulb led module picture of 3 bulb led module


Luminous Flux 53 lm/W @ 6500
Luminous Efficacy 110 lm/W @ 6500K
Beam Angle 160°
Wattage per Module 0.48 W Nominal
Input Voltage 12.0 Vdc
Input Current 40 mA / module
Ingress Protection IP68
Operating Temperature -13°F to +140°F (-25°C to +60°C)
Life and Warranty 22,000 hours or 5 years (limited)


  • While it is possible to have more than one color on some variations the price would be much greater. For instance, on halo backlighted letters, the edge and face color could be painted differently but it would add another 50% to the cost due to paint masking. If this is desired it would need to be done as a custom addition. Call or email for details.

Return Style

  • G100, G200 and G300 have 2 types of edge returns available. The stepped edge leaves some of the backplate showing while the full depth edge allows the face plate to fit seamlessly over the backplate. The stepped edge is cheaper and is the default selection.
  • picture of stepped return
    Picture of full depth return


Product usually ship in 10-15 working days

image of an LED lighted sign letter being tested