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Install Method for L200 Machined Acrylic

exploded view of machined acrylic showing studs

Detachable Stud Mount: Backs of letters and logos include hardware to receive threaded studs via drill or tap for mounting. We include a machined two-part boss.


Machined Acrylic letters and logos are available in ten variations.

Face and Side Lit L-100
machined acrylic face and side lit letter G variation L100

Lit acrylic face lit L-100 letters are made of UV- stable acrylic. LED lighting is added behind the translucent acrylic letter face and paired with a removable back. They can be installed indoors or out.

Face and Edge Lit L-300
machined acrylic face and edge lit letter G variation L300

Lit acrylic face and side lit L-300 letters provide entire letter luminance. These letters include LED lighting on the letter face and letter sides. Made with transparent acrylic, lit acrylic L-300 letters come in five standard LED color options

Metal Face - Edge Lit L-400
machined acrylic with metal face and edge lit letter G variation L400

Lit acrylic metal face side lit L-400 letters are a combination of laminate and illuminated letters. These letters feature a metal face adhered to acrylic sides, elevating indoor spaces. Then, we add side lighting for a soft glow, outlining the letter shape.

Edge Lit L-500
machined acrylic edge lit letter G variation L500

Lit acrylic side lit L-500 letters come in 1 1/2-inch-thick acrylic with painted letter faces. Side lighting produces a similar effect to halo lighting but creates a lower profile to emphasize sign messaging. All L-500 letters come with translucent acrylic returns and a removable back

Vinyl Face and Edge Lit L-600
machined acrylic vinyl face and edge lit letter G variation L600

Lit acrylic translucent vinyl face and side lit L-600 letters include a vinyl face and side. Face and side lighting combine the best of both profiles to provide impeccable visibility for indoor or outdoor messaging.

Vinyl Face Lit L-700
machined acrylic vinyl face lit letter G variation L700

Lit acrylic translucent vinyl face lit L-700 letters and logos are made with translucent vinyl and cast acrylic. Lit acrylic translucent vinyl face lit letters come with a removable back and letter returns can be painted

Vinyl Face and Edge Lit L-800
machined acrylic vinyl face and edge lit letter G variation L800

lit acrylic translucent vinyl face and halo lit letters (L-800) fuse vinyl and acrylic together for lightweight, sleek signs. With a soft glow around the letter and a bright glowing letters face, these letters have painted returns

Trimless Halo Lit with Reveal L-900
machined acrylic trimless halo lit letter G variation L900

Trimless lit acrylic halo lit (L-900) letters and logos provide durability and sophistication for indoor or outdoor applications. We adhere painted acrylic letters to a translucent white acrylic back to feature seamless, precisely defined edges.

Halo Lit L-1000
machined acrylic halo lit letter G variation L1000

Lit acrylic halo lit L-1000 letters will give your signage a distinctive, sophisticated look with crisp, precision-machined letters. Lit acrylic halo lit letters can be up to 24 inches and come with a painted face and halo lit returns.